What OKG Does For You

Surveillance and Communications

Get full camera coverage for your entire facility.

Have all your cables properly installed in an organized fashion.

Maintain security by controlling access to your premises.


A seamless communication system will improve productivity.

Camera Systems

Your key goals for your camera system:


Have full camera coverage for your entire facility


High quality cameras installed in good locations


A camera system that runs without glitches


Securely backed up video files that you can access when you need them

How OKG Tech gets you there:

System research and purchasing

You get recommendations on the best camera system for your facility, and the equipment is purchased

Layout planning and installation

A plan is made that will provide optimal camera coverage, and cameras are installed in the correct location

Backup System

All the camera images and clips are saved on your secure backup system

Maintenance and repair

The OKG Tech crew regularly checks in on the system to make sure it’s working, and respond to repair requests ASAP

“You take the time to explain everything.”

Low Voltage

Your key goals for low voltage:


Have all your cables properly installed


A neat and organized cable closet where everything can be easily found


Access to quick repair services when you need it

How OKG Tech gets you there:

Cable installation

All the necessary cables are installed within your system


Organized, Labelled and Certified

All cables and wiring are organized in an easy-to-find way, and labelled for simple identification.
Every wire gets hard certified – so when we say a job is complete, that means it went through our certification process.


Wires and cables are periodically checked on to ensure that everything is in the right place.


Technicians will come down to your site ASAP if there are any cable issues.

“I always get a fast response to my questions and change requests.”


COC Online

Door Access Control System

Your key goals for an access system:


Maintain security by controlling access to your premises

How OKG Tech gets you there:

Intercoms and Speakers

Your key goals for intercoms and speakers:


Have seamless communication system set up so appropriate parties can be easily reached at all times.

How OKG Tech gets you there:


Plan your system

We go over your requirements, preferences and the specs of your premises. Base on this, we create a plan for an intercom system


Installation and implementation

We purchase the equipment and take care of the installation from start to finish


There is a schedule of regular check ins of your system to keep things in working order.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.