What OKG Does For You

Preventative Maintenance


Keep on top of your IT to prevent major mishaps from occurring.

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Have all your data backed up just in case something goes wrong.

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Be consistently protected from viruses, malware, hacking and spies

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Preventive Maintenance

Your key goals for prevention:


Keep on top of all aspects of your IT so you can prevent major mishaps from occurring.

How OKG Tech gets you there:

Have all the parts and pieces you need

We’ll keep track of any IT related inventory, such as wires and cables.

Know what’s happening in your system

OKG Tech keeps track of your entire network, taking note of any signs of glitches or difficulties.

Get notified

As soon as there’s any issue, you’ll receive a notification about the problem so you can be on top of it.

“We contracted with OKG a number of years ago and are constantly impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. We started out with a complete upgrade of our computer network, and after seeing how seamlessly they made the change, we eventually switched over our phone systems as well. Because OKG is great with their research and is also understanding about budget concerns, they were able to upgrade our hardware; did the migration over a weekend so by Monday morning, everything was already running smoothly; and they also significantly decreased our monthly service costs!

Being in the financial services industry, data safety and security is a daily concern of ours. At our most recent state banking audit, the examiner noted that OKG’s safety and maintenance precautions were the best and most comprehensive she’d seen in her career. The regular maintenance and preventive work OKG performs also means there are very few “emergencies.”

With all this, the most important thing OKG offers is their excellent customer service. No matter the time of day, our team knows there is always someone capable and efficient available to help us address any issues.”

Sara M.

The Everest Equity Company

Local & Cloud Backup Solutions

Your key goals for backup support:


Have all your data backed up just in case something goes wrong.

How OKG Tech gets you there:


Data and Voice Redundancy and Failover Solutions

Image and File based Backups

Cyber Security

Your key goals for cyber security:


Be consistently protected from viruses, malware, hacking and spies.


Learn to recognize threats.

How OKG Tech gets you there:

Keep the Phishing Out of Your Inbox

We set up systems to prevent phishing emails from ever entering your inbox.


An Ounce of Prevention…

There may be some insecure emails that manage to get past the security. That’s why it’s important to make sure that all employees learn how to recognize phishing, malware and hacking.


Talk to Clients and Customers Safely

You often have remote meetings or sessions with clients and customers. And you want your connection to be private and safe. We set that up for you.

Be Aware of Threats

You’ll get notified if there’s any sign of malware so you can take appropriate action right away.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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