What OKG Does For You

Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

Your key goals for your VoIP system:


Find a service provider and plan that gives you what you need for a reasonable price.


A recorded phone menu that’s clear and intuitive.


A complete phone system that will work well and have all the features to make life easier for your employees.

How OKG Tech gets you there:

Research and Purchasing

You get a recommendation about the best service provider and plan, and we take care of buying it.

Call Queuing


Call Strategy

A menu that keeps your customers happy

The first interaction your customers have with your company is your menu. We help you design a call flow that is clear and easy to navigate. This includes how many items should be on the menu, how many levels deep the menus should be, and the best wording for scripts.

Phone service setup for in house and remote solutions

Whether you like to stay hands on, or hand off the phone system completely, we have a solution that will work for your company

Custom PBX Integrations

Remote phones


Keep records of call details and contents

You want to know how much time is spent on calls, where calls are coming from, and what is said on those calls.
We set up systems to keep track of all this data so you can keep your employees accountable.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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