What OKG Does For You

Information Technology


Get a network infrastructure that fits your needs.

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Connect with a support team you can actually understand.

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We provide software integrations & custom solutions.

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Disaster recovery and continuity solutions when all else fails.

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Consulting and Solutions

Your key goals for network planning and setup:


Get a network infrastructure that fits your needs.


Not to overspend on IT “surprise costs”


Have the system set up and ready to use

How OKG Tech gets you there:


Create the concept

An IT plan is conceptualized for your business – and explained to you. And it will a custom plan optimal for YOUR business.
Includes: General recommendations, Projected timeline, Estimated budget, Benefits of the IT plan.

Design the infrastructure

The nitty-gritty, headache inducing (for you) process of putting that IT plan into place. Like which software to install where, how many servers, how many phones…

Build a technology budget

You’ll be handed an item-by-item IT expense list that takes into account probable future expenses.
So you’ll know to budget for them in advance.

Purchase all software and parts

All the cool (and nerdy) stuff needed for your IT system will be purchased by us

Plan for scaling

You want your company to grow. So do we. That’s why the systems we set up are always scalable


All the small stuff

Like domain renewals, software patching and data backups. Stuff you usually forget about until AFTER you need it.

“You guys have given us the comfort to focus on our business while you focus on the information systems needed to support our operations.”

Chaim G.

Onsite IT Support

Your key goals for IT support:


Problems taken care of right away, before they blossom into five-alarm emergencies


Regular updates taken care of without your reminders


A support team you can actually understand


Fast support so that you aren’t stuck for hours – especially during those weekend and midnight disasters

How OKG Tech gets you there:


Proactive Check-ins and Support

Regular maintenance checks performed on your entire system and personal check-ins from support staff.

Several Contact Methods

A few easy ways to contact us, including phone, email and Help Desk Portal


Intelligent, Local Support Reps

OKG Tech support reps are intelligent, independently-able, English speakers that actually know their stuff.
And they’re all really, really helpful.

As Moses from Gradus Group says, “Your technicians are really top of the line.”

Less Protocol, More Actual Help

You know those “I need to speak to my supervisor,” or, “You’ll have to sign this-and-this batch of papers”?
When your system is down, you don’t have time for such shenanigans.
We’ll do whatever we can to get you up and running ASAP, ditching any unnecessary steps.

“OKG Tech will never give up. They always make it work no matter what the problem is.”

A. Spitzer

Custom Development

Your key goals for integration:


Integrate your phone system with your current business software


Integrate your company software with another software

How OKG Tech gets you there:


Skilled developers will integrate nearly any programs so they operate smoothly with your current program.

Maintenance and Support

Developers will maintain the system and take care of the occasional glitches.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters can happen. Building a disaster recovery plan can be very complex.

And while you have likely sent your data to a secure, offsite location, there’s still the matter of retrieval to consider.


We will help you explore different disaster scenarios and the implications each can have on your business and your customers.


We will establish a remote site for that priority data – with the ultimate goal of helping you be prepared.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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