IT for Growing Companies with No Time to Waste

When you get to your office each morning, you’ve got a full schedule ahead.

You don’t have TIME for annoying internet shenanigans. And your hot-shot client really doesn’t care that your backup files decided to go kaput and that’s why you don’t have his proposal ready.

The fact is that every modern business – except maybe some local mom-and-pop shops – relies on technology for communication, data storage and business transactions.

Why does OKG Tech exist?

I wanted to enjoy my job, and for me tech = fun. Give me a room full of servers and cables, and I’m like a child at his favorite playground.


I kept seeing businesses suffer major losses due to technology glitches and it really, really bugged me. So often, many of the issues were completely preventable.

So I started a company that:


Is constantly up-to-date with knowledge of the industry.


Invests in top-of-the-line tools and equipment for superior IT support


Is not just a service provider, but a real part of your business growth.

“I have an equal partner that makes my work easier.”

A. Spitzer

There’s got to be a catch here.
Does OKG Tech charge a fortune?

We probably charge more than your current IT provider. Or the one down the block that everyone else uses.

But that’s kind of like saying, “This Payless sneaker is waaay cheaper than that Gucci loafer.” They are two completely different items – one is a discount counterfeit, and the other is a high quality designer piece. Of COURSE they’re not similarly priced.

Besides, our prices can’t be that high, as our client Yehudah said:

“I didn’t know you charge money; I thought you do it for free. But I’m happy that people can eat gefilta fish with my money.”

Sure, other companies charge less.


Because they’re not offering the overarching level of support that we give you.


Because they aren’t hyper-obsessed with being on top of the latest cyber security techniques and backup technology.


Because they aren’t partners in your business.

We charge more because we give more.
And not only are we not overpriced – we’re underpriced.
You get Wall Street style protection at a fraction of the Wall Street price.

“I receive a real high value for my money. OKG Tech is my 1-stop-shop – I know I have one number to call about ANY tech related problem. They even call our software company to take care of issues with that software.”

A. Spitzer

It’s the truth.
You can really, really get this load off your shoulders.

And we don’t care if your business is small, medium, large, or extra large. If you’re a startup or if you’ve been around since 1950. All we care about is keeping your systems humming smoothly along, every single day (and night).

Schedule a call with us and make your workday simpler.

Pinny Ostreicher

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