$5600 per minute.
The average cost of IT downtime

(Gartner, UC Irvine)

Is it any wonder that you’re missing your annual growth goals?

Let’s break it down:

average time spent on resolving ONE downtime incident

staff productivity lost per company, annually, due to IT outages

Managed hosting saves more than it costs!


fewer downtime events


less downtime per event

Only 2% of organizations recover from downtime within an hour.

80% of IT costs occur AFTER the initial purchase.

But most companies focus only on curbing direct costs. And that’s a problem.

Because a well-planned and managed IT system will result in 37% savings (Gartner).

Do you know what your annual IT costs really are, and how to minimize the overall expenses?

54% of organizations experienced one or more ransomware incident in 2017.

Here are some more staggering facts:

average ransom payment

simple drive recovery


Medical businesses targeted in 2016


businesses fail within half a year of a data disaster.

Robust backup and data recovery options are no longer luxuries.

Electromagnetic Interference & Sparks:
2 hidden hazards in your cable cabinets.

Everything should be running fine – all the cables are plugged in but data is not transmitting properly. Information is not loading.

There’s a big chance it’s due to the spaghetti-d mess of cables in that cabinet.

And of course, troubleshooting a network becomes very, very difficult when you can’t even figure out which cable belongs to what.

Keep simple things, simple.

92% of company reports indicate “bad customer service”


of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent.


of customers who will switch providers due to a bad customer service experience.

The first step to providing top notch service?
An easy-to-navigate, thorough phone system.

Make sure your customers get to the person they need, and fast.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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